We are modern, dynamic, and flexible company

Constantly pushing forward the boundaries, we are driven to be the ultimate choice in all fields of furniture

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Our Company

Kaleb Furniture is a modern, dynamic, and flexible Furniture Company that focuses on the International Market and was established in 2004 in Jakarta. It has an office in Jaya Building 9th Floor, JL. MH. Thamrin no 12, Menteng, Central Jakarta.

We design and manufacture bespoke furniture projects for our clients with a focus on quality, innovative design, and impeccable delivery. Our key divisions of scope include retail, residential, corporate, commercial, and hospitality furniture.

Every product combines great creativity, top quality, and attention to detail, with the aim to provide the most qualified retailers in the industry with a unique and up-to-date collection.

Constantly pushing forward the boundaries, we are driven to be the ultimate choice in all fields of furniture

Our Vision

“To Provide Best Quality Living Spaces”

Our Commitments

Our Contacts

Address: JL. MH. Thamrin No 12
Menteng, Central Jakarta

Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone: +62 813 8262 4077

Whatsapp: +62 813 8262 4077

Email: [email protected]

Customized Furniture

Professionally develop your furniture as your requirement, specification, and design blueprint for mass production in the retail industry with high-quality control

Personification Design

Guiding to develop your personalized furniture as your example image that found on the internet, what characteristics, and what perceived values that need to show

Manufacture Facilities

We have a production factory, finishing factory & storage factory with a wide range of specialty included rattans, metals, and fabrics that fulfill any global demand

Expert Furnituremaker

Specialized individual for expertise in wood making with diversified skills that take years to mastery to ensure the best quality output in our furniture

Sourcing Natural Materials

A lot of natural resources that sourced regionally included wood, rattan, fabrics, leather, glass, and metal with local business and not have to import