Best prices for B2B customers.

Negotiating the right deal with your suppliers doesn’t necessarily mean getting what you want at the lowest possible price.

Our Market Segmentation

Specifically, we help most of the industries to outsource their best services related to develope custom furniture

Retailer Industries

Frequently supplying the demand of your custom furniture, export in large quantity for the retailing purpose to your offline store country or global market

Furniture Supplier

Fulfill your highly demand
customize furniture under your brand name for your customers and distributors with our diversified expertise

Commercial Industries

Restaurant, Café, Food Outlet, Commercial Complex, Shopping Centre, Supermarket, Showrooms, Towers, Both Office and Residential or Mixed-use

Hospitality Industries

We helping develope your property with project-based to have unique furniture that represents your brand identities combining our expertise in interior design

Our Contacts

Address: JL. MH. Thamrin No 12
Menteng, Central Jakarta

Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone: +62 813 8262 4077

Whatsapp: +62 813 8262 4077

Email: [email protected]