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01. Contract General

Registration and documentation of new production plans, schedules, and required resources.

Project Planning involves forecasting, scheduling, and expediting. To produce a sensible schedule, a sales forecast by items is necessary.

A production run is initially a list of furniture items to be produced; this list is exploded to come up with the quantities and due dates for all parts.

02. Planning Project

The processes in furniture manufacture include all the processes of cutting, bending, molding, laminating, and assembly of such materials as wood, metal, glass, plastics and rattan.

03. Production & QC

Our quality of the furniture must be maintained at the desired level. The design, the price range, and the customers require a specific level of quality.

In our manufacturing, we have a quality control department that is responsible for seeing to it that this level is maintained

The production departments report directly to the quality control department. Every part must be checked and pass the QC team

04. Delivery Shipment

We do discuss with the client for documents and treatment of the product before shipment.

We provide the packaging following standards in every country

Manufacture Facilities

We have manufacturer factories with complete facilities to fulfill any requirement

Production Factory

Factory with a total area of 7500 m2, We produce furniture on massive scale to meet our client demand.

The processes that are used in the factory of furniture include the cutting, bending, molding, and assembly of such materials as wood, metal, glass, plastics, and rattan.

Finishing Design

This factory is where we continue to process the furniture into Painting, Laminating, and Install accessories.

We have quality control for each item produced to meet requirements with export standard

Storage Facilities

This factory is where all finished furniture is stored in ideal conditions before delivery.

To avoid defects during shipping, we use the safest packing methods uniquely designed for every kind of furniture.