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Sustainable Environment

SVLK certification

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Trusted Furniture Manufacturers

Constantly pushing forward the boundaries, we help to be the ultimate choice in all fields of furniture.


Customized Furniture

Professionally develop your furniture as your requirement, specification, and design blueprint for mass production in the retail industry with high-quality control


Personification Design

Guiding to develop your personalized furniture as your example image that found on the internet, what characteristics, and what perceived values that need to show


Manufacture Facilities

We have a production factory, finishing factory & storage factory with a wide range of specialty included rattans, metals, and fabrics that fulfill any global demand


Expert Woodworker

Specialized individual for expertise in wood making with diversified skills that take years to mastery to ensure the best quality output in our furniture


Natural Resources

A lot of natural resources that sourced regionally included wood, rattan, fabrics, leather, glass, and metal with local business and not have to import


Professional Services

Give professional furniture consulting, managing professional business partnerships, and meets the company management standard

Wooden Furniture

We offer a full range of furniture using the highest quality wood material sourced directly from Indonesia with customized design.

Our Wood Furniture Collection includes chairs, tables, benches that suitable for export quality & commercial standards.

Wooden Types of Material:

● Solid Wood (Teak, Mahogany, Mindy)
● Engineered Wood (Plywood and Fiberboard)


Combination Furniture

Our Combination Furniture gives exclusive design with complexity and precision to communicate your brand values to your customers.

We can craft beautiful pieces of furniture with uniqueness, creativity, and beyond our imagination to increase brand value.

Combination Furniture :

● Primary Materials: Wooden & Rattan Fiber
● Other Materials: Metal, Glass, Fabric, and Leather


Rattan & Natural Fiber

Our best rattan furniture products began from our passion for beauty, being attentive to details, as well as prompt delivery.

As one of the trusted rattan manufacturers, we never lack ideas to present furniture crafted from natural or synthetic rattan for any living space.

At the very best prices, our exceptional products are perfectly matching for the indoor, patio, garden, even pool areas

Types of Material :

● Natural Rattan
● Synthetic Rattan
● Natural Fiber

e-Catalogs Request Access

We provide you with the most complete source of information on our wide-range furniture products and services with our e-Catalogs


Wood Furnitures

400+ Pages of Products Catalogs

We develope a full set of wood furniture from Living Set, Dining Set, Bedroom Set and, Single Item.


Rattan & Natural Fiber Furnitures

300+ Pages of Products Catalogs

We develope a full set of rattan & natural fiber furniture from Living Set, Dining Set, Terrace Set, Bar Set, Drawers, Bed Set, Set and, Single Item.

Manufacture Facilities

We have manufacturer factories with complete facilities to fulfill any requirement


Production Factory

Factory with a total area of 7500 m2, We produce furniture on massive scale to meet our client demand. The processes that are used in the factory of furniture include the cutting, bending, molding, and assembly of such materials as wood, metal, glass, plastics, and rattan.


Finishing Factory

This factory is where we continue to process the furniture into Painting, laminating, and install accessories. We have quality control for each item produced to meet requirements with export standard


Storage Factory

This factory is where all finished furniture is stored in ideal conditions before delivery. To avoid defects during shipping, we use the safest packing methods uniquely designed for every kind of furniture.

International Market

Established partnership & exports to International Market. We already expand our services into America, Australia & Europe and helping businesses to become Furniture Market Leader

  • Trusted International B2B Furniture Supplier
  • Expertise in Manufacturing & Customized Furniture
  • Eligible for Exports to International Market

Become Our Partners

We provide a free and no-obligation initial consultation. We will help you understand the details and requirements for your next ventures.

Reach out to us and step up your business with ease.

Our Process Methods


General Contract

Registration and documentation of new production plan, design guidelines schedules, and required resources


Project Planning

Involves forecasting, scheduling, and expediting. To produce a sensible schedule, a sales forecast by items is necessary


Production & QC

A production run is initially a list of furniture items to produced & QC that responsible for level maintained of standard quality



Our furniture manufacture relies on the specialized furniture carriers, to maintain the quality and safety of goods during delivery to customer warehouses

Our Market Segmentation

Specifically, we help most of the industries to outsource their best services related to develope custom furniture


Retailer Industries

Frequently supplying the demand of your custom furniture, export in large quantity for the retailing purpose to your offline store country or global market


Residential Industries

Customizing our furniture to make your living space house, villa & residential estate added with elegant and personification design to your brand


Corporate Industries

Customizing our furniture to make your commercial complex & office added with elegant and personification design to your brand


Commercial Industries

Restaurant, CafΓ©, Food Outlet, Shopping Centre, Supermarket, Showrooms, Towers, Both Office and residential or Mixed-use


Furniture Supplier

Fulfill your highly demand furniture to distribute in the nation. Customize furniture under your brand name for your loyal customer with our diversified expertise


Hospitality Industries

We helping develope your property with project-based to have unique furniture that represents your brand identities combining our expertise in interior design

Certified SVLK

SVLK – (Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu)Β is a system and procedure designed to pursue the legal verification for Indonesian wood and wood products. It is assigned to implement Indonesian governments regulation related to control the legality of wood trading and circulation in Indonesia.

Company with SVLK certification give their clients certainty and assurance, especially for Europe, America, Japan, Australia market and other countries that concerned wood and products from Indonesia Manufacturer must come from legal authentication from upstream to downstream. It makes them import safely to their countries.

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